Park Watch

Friends of Iron Hill Park maintains an active Park Watch aimed at assuring a positive experience for you as a Park visitor. Park staff and the Friends can’t be on site all the time, though, so if you should encounter illegal, offensive, or otherwise inappropriate activity in Iron Hill Park, or observe behavior or activities you think are troubling or suspect, we hope you will take appropriate steps. Clear and present violations of the law, emergencies, or situations that create danger or threaten you or others should be reported to the police. Dial 911 and the New Castle County Police will respond promptly. Don’t hesitate to use the 911 service; your judgment in doing so won’t be questioned.

You might observe lesser incidents involving violations of Park rules, minor disputes, inconsiderate acts, or patterns of behavior that appear to interfere with normal enjoyment of the Park. Friends of Iron Hill Park welcomes your reports and suggestions. You can call the New Castle County non-emergency line, 302-573-2800, or the Park Watch Commander at 302-738-5529. You may also use the form on the Contact us page or mail your concerns to 1542 Whittaker Rd., Newark, DE 19702.

We are a volunteer organization, and although we can’t guarantee an immediate answer, someone will certainly respond to your message as promptly as possible.

Iron Hill Park, like all New Castle County Parks, should be a place to relax, reflect, unwind and have fun.

Tips to insure a positive park experience

  • The Bark Park is popular and well attended. If your dog is aggressive, avoid the Bark Park.
  • If your dog is involved in an altercation, immediately leash and withdraw your dog from the Bark Park. Avoid the temptation to pick out whose dog is at fault. Just back off and defuse the situation.
  • Clean up after your dog! Poop bags are available at several dispensers. Occasionally these run out, so it’s a good idea to bring your own bag just in case.
  • Dogs must be leashed while in the park, except within the fenced space of the Bark Parks. Leash your dog even for the short walk from the car.
  • There are plenty of trash barrels in Iron Hill Park; please use them. Please pick up litter that you see, even if you didn’t drop it. When hiking the trails, take along a bag to collect litter you encounter. A litter gremlin dies every time you do something to make the park cleaner.
  • If you use the pavilion or one of the picnic areas, be sure to remove all evidence of your event, such as temporary signs and balloons.
  • Please recycle! Iron Hill Park has special recycling receptacles spotted around the Park.
  • The county prohibits use of motorized vehicles in the Park, except to come and go on the paved entrance road and in the parking lots.

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