Friends of Iron Hill Park volunteers contribute their time or money—or both—to Park stewardship functions such as trail maintenance, litter patrol, and invasive species remediation. Volunteers keep the Park beautiful for everyone. Besides these important maintenance functions, they like to have an annual picnic and host other Park events.

Prinicpal volunteers these past couple years have been:

  • Phi Sigma Pi—Alpha Eta Chapter, U of DE
  • U of DE Day of Service (lots of dorm volunteers)
  • Pat and Jody Winther, monthly trail walks
  • Raynor Johnson, park watch
  • Hannah Steenkamer, who received the 23rd annual Young Environmentalist award from DNREC!
  • Two anonymous guys who do some behind-the-scenes stuff
  • Thanks also to the disc golf folks for their work on the golf course.
  • Finally, Jayne Mitchell-Werbrich and her 3 splendid groups of young people:
    Kindness Matters in Delaware (Teen Youth Group),
    Girl Scout Troop 42, and
    Leasure Bears.

Friends of Iron Hill Park has many volunteer opportunities, including:

Trail Maintenance

Supervised by: Pat Fett, Friends of Iron Hill Park
When:  No fixed schedule. Call 302-738-5529 to schedule a time. Consider bringing a trash bag when you go hiking on your own, too.
Where:   Meet at the pavilion area of Iron Hill Park.
The work:  Clip, snip, and drop branches and other obstructions that overhang established trails.
Dress:  Heavy work gloves that include cuffs if possible; work shoes. Depending on the temperature, we highly recommend long sleeves and pants or similar protection. Bring your own refreshments and a litter collection bag.
Equipment:  Hand-held (one- or two-handed) snippers.
Optional:  Small bow saws. NO power tools.

Invasive Species Remediation

Supervised by: Rogers George, Friends of Iron Hill Park.
When:  Call (302) 983-6219 when you’d like to schedule a Saturday or Sunday activity.
The work:  Remove invasive plants that are harmful to native species. These include Multiflora rose, Japanese stilt grass, garlic mustard, English ivy, and a few others. The activity includes a brief botany lesson.
Dress:  Heavy work gloves that include cuffs if possible; work shoes. Multiflora rose has nasty stickers, and some poison ivy exists, so long sleeves & pants are a good idea.
Equipment:  Long-handled spade, large or small pruning shears.
Optional:  Mattock, rake, or small digger. Bring your own refreshments and a litter collection bag.

Park Watch

Friends of Iron Hill Park actively participates in Park Watch. For details, see the Park Watch page.

Fundraising Workgroup

To become a member of the fundraising workgroup, please sign up on the Contact us page.

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